Honors Standing


Honors credits required to graduate with University Honors


Honors credits required to graduate as an Honors Scholar


GPA required to remain in good standing with the Honors Program

How to Earn Honors Credits

Enroll in Honors-Only Courses

Honors students have access to special courses.

Engage in an Honors Discussion Group

Interact with your Honors classmates in weekly sessions.

Participate in a Study Abroad Program

Let the world be your classroom as you experience new cultures while earning Honors Credits.

Complete an Honors Contract

Create and execute an individualized project with faculty approval.

Experience life Beyond the Classroom (BTC)

Honors students can earn academic credits for BTC Experiences.

Register for Graduate Courses

Honors students can register for Honors-only graduate courses to earn credits.

Submit a Senior Honors Thesis or Project

Work with faculty to complete a thesis or project in your area of interest.

Honors Leader Program

Learn leadership and community engagement skills through our new four-course program.

Academic Resources

How to Apply

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