Roo Honors Academy

Roo Honors Academy 2024

Roo Honors Academy (RHA) June 10-14, 2024 is open to 30 high school students in grades 9-12. Applications for RHA are due May 1, 2024.


Students will need to provide their own transportation to and from the campus. Lunch will be provided throughout the week. All students will receive a Roo Honors Academy t-shirt and those who successfully complete both courses will receive a Recognition of Achievement certificate from the UMKC Honors Program.

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Tuition is $275; children of UMKC employees are eligible for a $20 discount. Need-based scholarships may be available.

Participating students also have the option of spending the night in the UMKC dorms for the whole week. This option comes with an additional cost of $295 ($205 for room, $50 for dinners, and $40 for breakfasts). 

Roo Honors Academy is sponsored by UMKC Honors and UMKC Trustees.

2024 Course Offerings

Roo Honors Academy 2024 will offer non-credit classes on digital sports media, life as a reptile, collaboration and communication, and the culture of Disney.

Digital Sports Media

“Writing” is so much more than text on a page, and “sports” are so much more than games. Together, we will explore the landscape of digital sports media to expand our notion of what makes good “sports writing.” We will discuss how sports shapes and is shaped by local, national, and international issues and cultures. From the economic impact of building new baseball stadiums to the political and social impacts of hosting the Olympic Games, sports offer a compelling way to think about and write about the world. In this class, we will combine a sophisticated examination of sports culture with digital forms of media production to grow as intellectuals and writers.

Taught by Professor Marcus Meade

Life as a Reptile

How do reptiles interact with other species, the environment, and people?” We would get out about campus a couple of times to analyze habitats that might be helpful or harmful for reptiles, and through short lectures and group activities we would explore natural sciences, conservation, and links to cultural values.

Taught by Dr. Jess Magaña

The Collaboration Mindset

Being a strong collaborator can fuel your ideas and make you a high impact team member.  In this class, we will unpack the power of being in a collaboration mindset and cover some simple tips to create powerful collaborations.  Our sessions will focus on understanding the science of team dynamics, your communication preferences in a team, and ways to empower others and delegate like a pro.  The class will visit some high functioning teams in professional environments around UMKC and learn from their real-life collaborations.  We will mix theory with practice in this hands-on class that is sure to boost your collaboration quotient. 

Taught by Professor Erin Blocher

Culture in the Magic Kingdom

In this course we will study culture by examining the Disney films Encanto, Moana, and Frozen 2. These three films introduce us to different cultures and cultural traditions. We will discover the cultures highlighted in Encanto and learn to make some traditional Colombian foods. We will explore Polynesian culture through the lens of Moana. And, we will learn about the Sámi, the indigenous group who collaborated with Disney in the making of Frozen 2.

Taught by Dr. Susie Donaldson

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2024 RHA Applications are open now! Applications are due May 1. 

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