Four Honors Program Students Earn UMKC Award

Four Honors Program seniors have been named UMKC Dean of Students Honor Recipients for Fall 2022. The award commends exceptional graduating students who have made significant contributions in leadership and service to the university and to the community while maintaining high academic standards. 

Dr. Michele D. Smith, Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, congratulated recipients at a ceremony on December 16. 

Students are nominated by faculty members, and competition is rigorous.

“I was happy that Christian Dang was recognized for his remarkable service to the university as well as the Honors Program,” said Dr. Henrietta Rix Wood, a Teaching Professor in the Honors Program who co-nominated Christian with Dr. Tara Allen of the School of Science and Engineering. “And I am impressed that four of the seven recipients were Honors students, who are among the most engaged and committed students on campus.”

The Honors Program students who won the award are pictured with Dr. Smith (far right) from left to right:

Christian Dang, School of Science and Engineering, nominated by Henrietta Rix Wood and Tara Allen; Hailey Armbruster, School of Science and Engineering, nominated by Kathleen Kilway; Carlyn Euritt, School of Science and Engineering, nominated by Peter Koulen; and Nathan Meshau, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, nominated by Rebecca Best.