Money Management & The Midwest: Enrico Mejia

Enrico has lived in Kansas City for most of his life. He is an avid reader, an amateur guitarist, and a fitness enthusiast. As a young man and college student, he wants to experience an array of different things so he can figure out where he belongs in the world. Enrico is majoring in Accounting and would one day love to open his own accounting firm here in Kansas City. He is one of our two office assistants and was drawn to the position as an existing member of the Honors College. Enrico thought it would be a great opportunity to build his resume for the future in the working world. He took a class with Dr. Gayle Levy who told him about a job opportunity in the Honors College. Having had such positive experiences with Dr. Levy, he really wanted to take the position. He is very excited to not only grow as an individual, but also to be a part of a community of people who value learning and academic excellence.