Lucerna Undergraduate Research Symposium

Four UMKC students presented research at Lucerna Symposium on March 17.

UMKC students Karah Chappel, Anuhya Dayal, Kai Milanovich, and Lauren Textor shared their research projects with an audience of 50 people at the annual Lucerna Symposium on March 17.

These students are among the twelve undergraduates whose scholarship appears in the new volume of Lucerna, the UMKC undergraduate research journal produced by Honors Program students that publishes the work of students in all disciplines.

UMKC Chancellor Mauli Agrawal spoke about the importance of undergraduate research at the Lucerna Symposium, which concluded with a panel discussion by presenters.

The twelve contributors and their topics are Karah Chappel, “Exploration of the Referral Process of Social Work Within a Policing Structure”; Lauren Cooper and Brooke Friday, “The Neuropathological Analysis of Sport and Blast TBIs”; Robin Conrad, “The Many Names of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: How They Have Improved and How They Can Continue to Improve”; Anuhya Dayal, “From MMR to COVID-19: A Study of Vaccination Perception Over Time and the Modern Effects of Social Media”; Denise Dean, “Associations of Environmental Factors and Physical Activity Behaviors: A Photo Analysis”; Dominic Guillen, “A Simpler Annuity”; Ellie Jackson, “Iran: Analyzing the Dominant Coalition of an Authoritarian Regime”; Niki Joshi, “Reconciling Two Identities: The Letters of Anandibai Joshi”; Kai Milanovich, “Performing Escape: Imagining Future with Plato’s Symposium”; Carson Rau, “Spatial and Social Organization in Restaurants: The Dynamics of Cooperation and Contention”; and Lauren Textor,“The Necessity of Art Programming in Restructuring the Prison System.”

At the Lucerna Symposium, the faculty advisors of contributors were recognized: Debbie Brooks, JD; Dr. Stephen Christ; Dr. Crystal Doss; Dr. Richard Delaware; Dr. Jane Greer; Dr. Amanda Grimes; Dr. Chi-Ming Huang; Dr. Jennifer Huberman; Dr. Dawn Iwamasa; Dr. Joseph Lightner; Dr. Lee Likins; Dr. Mona Lyne; Dr. Gwen Nally; Dr. Ken Novak; Dr. Michelle H. Smirnova; Dr. Ann Wood; and Dr. Henrietta Rix Wood.

To access the digital version of Lucerna 2022 and learn more about the journal that is accepting student submissions for the next volume to be published in March 2023, go to