Lucerna 2021 is here!

The new volume of Lucerna, the UMKC undergraduate research journal produced by the Honors College, was released at the annual Symposium on March 11. Hard copies are available in the Honors College office in Cherry Hall or the PDF can be downloaded at

Forty-eight students, administrators, professors, and guests attended the Lucerna Symposium via Zoom. The Symposium featured presentations by Sophie Jess on panhandlers, Yujay Masay on Civil Rights Movement photography, Anna Ryan on historic preservation in Kansas City, and Annie Spencer on Eleanor of Aquitaine.

During the Symposium, UMKC Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Jennifer Lundgren spoke about her experience as an undergraduate researcher; UMKC Chancellor C. Mauli Agrawal congratulated presenters; and UMKC Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development Chris Liu asked presenters about the most rewarding part of their project.

The fifteenth edition of Lucerna publishes the work of ten UMKC undergraduates from different disciplines. The contributors and their topics are Samantha N. Hays, “Failing the Fight: The Historical Context of US Environmental Conservation and How Endangered Species Are Mismanaged in the Current Legislature; Sophie Jess, “Panhandlers: Why Kansas Citians Can’t (Pan)Handle Them”; Anna Ryan, “From Decreptitude to Diamonds: The Value of Preserving and Repurposing Historic Buildings in the Kansas City Area”; Lillian Taylor, “Intersex Adolescents and Medically Accepted Abuse”; Johnny Waggoner, “The Promise of Progress: Apollo and American Values”; William Burrus, “European Rail Nationalization and Income Inequality: An Empirical Analysis”; Annie Spencer, “Finding Eleanor of Aquitaine”; Yujay Masah, “Civil Rights Photography and Consensus Memory”; Kylie Brous, “The Mystery of Negative and Imaginary Logarithms”; and Gregory R. Troiani, “Thermal Constraints on Exoplanet Habitability.”

The Lucerna staff seeks submissions for the next volume of the journal to be published in March 2022. The submission deadline is May 14, 2021. For the Lucerna submission guidelines, go to

If you are an Honors College student who is interested in working for Lucerna next year, the executive board of the journal will accept applications for managing editor and staff positions in April. For more information, contact Editor-in-Chief Richard Schneider at