Lucerna Marketing and Media Coordinator Speaks Volumes About the Publication

Honors College junior, Ellie Simms, is Marketing and Media Coordinator of Lucerna, an undergraduate research journal based out of the Honors College. To be involved for the next school term, contact Dr. Henrietta Wood at for more information.

  1. In your own words, how would you describe Lucerna as an organization, and what is its primary mission within the Honors College?

Lucerna is an all student-made journal that showcases some of the best research work done for the year at the undergraduate level. The team behind Lucerna takes up the task of reading through all submissions, choosing those to go into the journal, coordinating the design and the budgeting behind making the journal, and organizing the symposium that premieres that year’s journal edition.

  1. What is your role in Lucerna, and how long have you been a part of the organization?

This is my second year with Lucerna, this time around in the position of Marketing and Media Coordinator. Basically, I make all the promotional material for the latest journal edition and its symposium: flyers, PowerPoints, event brochures, etc. Once the symposium comes to a close, then I help read through essay submissions to pick what will go into the next journal.

  1. What is an exciting project that the organization currently has in place?

Lucerna usually follows a similar schedule each year, and we just lately got finished with our 2018 symposium in late February. For the event, we take over a room in the Student Union and invite staff, students, and outside visitors to pick a copy of the latest Lucerna edition and listen to talks from some of the published authors. There’s a lot of great collaboration, guests, and things to pick up at the event, and it’s always our biggest event of the year.

  1. Why did you decide to be involved and run for leadership in this organization? What is advantageous about taking part in the group?

Originally I joined Lucerna as a freshman because I simply wanted to find a group where I could make friends in such a new environment, and I’ve stuck around because the opportunities it offers adhere a lot to my interests. When staff members read through submissions, they give their input on content, edits, strengths and weaknesses, and writing and revision has always been one of my favorite things to do. And as Marketing and Media Coordinator, I’m in charge of basically all the design aside from the journal cover, and art and design is one of my biggest pursuits in life. It’s not difficult to take on a leadership position with Lucerna, and there’s a variety of activities and opportunities that come with any staff position.