Honors Student Elected President of Student Government Association

Ida Ayalew is a senior at UMKC and in her second year in the Honors College. She is pursuing a double major in Black Studies and Philosophy. Ida is on her way to being a graduate student in a dual degree J.D./Ph.D. program. She intends to apply her comprehensive academic experience in Ethiopia. Ida is the Student Government Association (SGA) President for the 2015-2016 academic year. She attributes her success in the SGA election to the Honors College, with support from students and faculty.

During the summer of 2015, Ida is serving as the student intern in the Congressional Office of Emanuel Cleaver, II of Missouri’s fifth district. This internship has been established in partnership with the Truman Library. Ida is gaining public relations experience by doing research, creating write-ups and various forms of social media for the people of the University of Missouri System.

With the help of the Honors College campus partner, the Director of International Academic Programs, Dr. Linna Place, opportunities like this were brought to Ida’s attention. Dr. Place “has been a huge supporter in my life since freshmen year. When I told her about all my plans and dreams, she always tried to find a way to help me achieve my desires.” Ida encourages campus cooperation to be an effective leader and contribute to monumental accomplishments.

Written by Jesse Bihlmeyer, UMKC Honors Student