Honors College Staff Spotlight: Enrico Mejia

What is your role in the Honors College? 

I’m the Honors College’s one of two Office Assistants. I’m responsible for maintaining the website, processing student data/forms, giving you life advice when you should be talking to a psychiatrist. Most important of all – the phone.

How do you serve as a resource to students? 

Honors students can come to me to know anything pertaining to their student data or if they wish to do a simple integrity check with it. Anything with regards to honors and thesis contracts, credit hours attained, or their student ID number, their data is a click away from me. Not to worry, I’m not part of an international conspiracy which entails the harvesting of human data for world domination ;).

How has being in the HC impacted your undergraduate experience? 

Being in the Honors College has allowed me to expand my college education beyond the traditional classroom experience. Because of the Honors College, academic writing was something I never expected to be involved in, until I came up with an idea to fulfill a contract for a Discourse class. I thank the Honors College, its staff and students for creating the academic aura in this university which enables me to enjoy learning. On another note, I have a job to pay for student expenses because of the Honors College!

What are you studying, and what are you most excited about with your major?

I’m currently studying Accounting, although I plan on switching because there is not much writing in it to keep me happy. Soon, however, I will be majoring in Business Administration while I take Humanities classes on the side. All in all, I just want to get my degree and go to law school ASAP.

Do you have any exciting plans for the near future?

I ‘m going to hold off on calling it “exciting” until I’m close to it. I plan on attending UMKC’s School of Law and becoming an attorney based in Kansas City, specializing in criminal defense and civil rights litigation. So much “fun” and so much money to spend! I’d be happy if I can keep this job while I go to law school, that’s exciting. I’ll have to stop depending on my mom someday…soon.