Honors College Freshman Takes 6-Year Med Program By Storm

UMKC Freshman Emmanuel Madu’s passion in life is helping people.

“I want to be a physician…pediatrics or maybe emergency medicine,” Madu said. “Pediatrics because I like working with kids and emergency medicine, it’s the aspect of always having to think on your feet to solve problems that appeals to me.”

Madu is a six-year medical student majoring in Biology. Madu is excited about the complexity and various skills required for his future career in medicine.

“It (medicine) combines multiple things – I’m someone who gets, I’d say, bored easily – but with medicine there’s always something new to learn, discoveries each and every single day. Plus, you’re always helping people and a life dedicated to helping other people is a good one.”

Madu is currently one of the few Honors College students who is also a six-year medical student and hopes to encourage more of his fellow classmates to join him.

“If you are passionate about something then you can earn Honors credit with Honors contracts, and there are a lot of opportunities for you to succeed,” Madu said.

“Even in my classes right now, I wouldn’t say I have time to…take another class, but in Anatomy I could choose to do an Honors contract and earn Honors credit while furthering my knowledge in a class that will be applicable to me later on in life.”

When asked why he chose to join the Honors College, Madu responded, “Why not? It opens so many opportunities to me. The fact that I have the opportunity to try is what really appealed to me.”