Breana Boger Wins UMKC Award

Congratulations to Honors College Academic Advisor Breana Boger for winning a UMKC Student Affairs’ Student Mentor Staff Award! This award recognizes staff members who have “made significant contributions to higher education through exceptional service and keeping with the strategic goals of the University to foster success in our students.”

Bree manages student recruitment and advising in the Honors College, and she has helped increase enrollment from 120 to 400 students since she joined the HC in June 2015. Honors College Dean Jim McKusick said that Bree’s “philosophy in student advising is to ‘advise the whole student,’ seeking first to understand the complex picture of a student’s entire life situation and then using that knowledge to empower each student to solve their own problems and seek excellence in everything they do. She leads by example, always willing to go the extra mile to find solutions and discover pathways to success for every student she advises.”

Indeed, Bree goes the extra mile by acting as a mentor to the Honors Ambassadors program, which she introduced to the HC, and by facilitating a monthly Student Executive Council meeting that encourages student leaders to coordinate plans for their respective groups. Bree also volunteered to rejuvenate and advise Alpha Lambda Delta, UMKC’s first-year honors society. “As a team, we cannot express enough how dedicated, insightful, caring, and inspiring she is to all of her students,” said Honors Ambassadors Felix Amparano, Drew Cox, Jennifer Nguyen, Namana Rao, Victoria Tidwell, and Landon Volkman.

Bree was honored at the 2018 Staff Awards presentation on April 26.