Bound for MIT: Elizabeth Hemenway

Honors College alumna Elizabeth Hemenway, who graduated in May, just moved to Boston to attend the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
“I’ll be entering a PhD program through the Biology Department at MIT. I chose MIT because of its vibrant research community and many excellent biology labs. There’s also a lot of multidisciplinary research happening at MIT, which is exciting,” Elizabeth says. “The program at MIT is structured so that you take classes and choose a thesis lab the first year, and after the first year you are working on your thesis research, in the lab that you have chosen based on your interests.”
At UMKC, Elizabeth majored in biology, minored in chemistry, and worked in the lab of Dr. Scott Hawley for two years, where she discovered her passion for research. Her ultimate goal is to uncover fundamental biological processes using organisms that can be used to build a more complete picture of the mechanisms underlying human diseases and conditions. 
Elizabeth says the Honors College allowed her to challenge herself academically and learn about ideas outside her disciplines. She also enjoyed the community facilitated by the Honors College and volunteering in the after-school program at the Kauffman School.