The Honors Program provides many opportunities for students to engage in Beyond the Classroom (BTC) Experiences. These experiences are recommended, but not required for honors students. Your BTC Experience could be an internship, clinical experience, student teaching, undergraduate research, or a community engagement project. A maximum of six academic credits earned in BTC Experiences may be counted in fulfillment of the 27 hours of coursework needed to earn the University Honors distinction.

Consult with the Honors Program Director of Student Services to learn how these BTC Experiences can be counted in fulfillment of Honors Program requirements. Browse the links below to learn more about the BTC Experiences available for students in the Honors Program.

You must register in advance to receive honors credit for your BTC Experience. Complete the Beyond the Classroom Form and specify the course and experience you are completing. The form is due within the first four weeks of the semester. Email your completed form to