Welcome to our new office assistant: Mary Zalmai!

Mary Zalmai grew up in Platte City, Missouri. Her family emigrated to the U.S. from Afghanistan in the late ‘90s. A self confessed foodie, Mary thoroughly enjoys trying new things. She also enjoys the social commentary of reality television and the state of American society. Mary is acutely aware of the unfortunate maltreatment of immigrants in America today. It’s something she cares about deeply and is worried about in our current political environment of today. Mary is majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Psychology and hopes to one day attend Medical School.

A Nurse in the Making: Sophie Genovese

Sophie Genovese grew up in St. Louis, Missouri before moving to Kansas City for college. A self-described outdoor junkie, who loves spending time hiking and hammocking with loved ones. She enjoys all that Kansas City has to offer. This summer Sophie took her NCLEX Nursing Board Examination and now works as a registered nurse at St. Luke’s Hospital. She loved being surrounded by likeminded individuals. Her favorite part about being in the Honors College was getting the opportunity to meet new people and build lifelong friendships.