How to Apply for Admission to the Honors Program

All Applicants: You cannot begin your application for admission to the Honors Program until you have completed your application for admission to UMKC. When you have been admitted to UMKC, the Honors Program application will appear on the “to-do” list located on your application status page.

If you do not find an Honors Program application link in your UMKC Admissions “to-do” list, please email Honors Program advisor Margo Gamache and she will generate that application link for you. We welcome your application!

Required Essay: All applicants must submit an essay as part of their online application for admission to the Honors Program. Please write a thoughtful, coherent essay of 500 to 700 words on the following topic:

Essay Topic: In your view, what is the single most important characteristic of effective leadership? What can go wrong if someone in a leadership position lacks this particular trait? In a thoughtful, coherent essay, explain why this characteristic is essential to leadership, citing specific examples of leadership, either from your own experience or based on prominent leaders from past or present times.

Letters of Recommendation: If you meet the Honors Program admission requirements, then no letters of recommendation are necessary. Otherwise, your Honors Program application can still be considered, but you will need to submit two letters of recommendation. The online Honors Program application will provide a link for you to ask two teachers (or professors) who know you well to provide a reference letter.

Applications for admission to the Honors Program are considered on a rolling basis, and students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. The final application deadline is August 1 for the fall semester and January 7 for the spring semester.

All First Time College students who apply for admission to the Honors Program before December 1 will automatically be considered for the Trustees’ Scholarship.

Need assistance in applying to the Honors Program? Please contact