Honors Leader Program

The Honors Leader Program was introduced in Fall 2022 to help students develop the skills they need to address social problems and community issues. The program is a series of four one-credit courses focusing on the four Honors pillars:

  • leadership and ethics,
  • Kansas City history and urban engagement,
  • environmental sustainability, and
  • social justice and cultural awareness.

Honors faculty and staff will teach the Honors Leader courses, which will include discussion groups, guest speakers, and community service. One course will be offered each semester during a two-year period with the program repeating every two years. The full series of courses is as follows:

  • Honors 360A: Social Justice and Cultural Awareness (FS23)
  • Honors 360B: Environmental Sustainability (SP24)
  • Honors 360C: Leadership and Ethics (FS22)
  • Honors 360D: Kansas City History and Urban Engagement (SP23)

In Spring 2023, Honors 360D will be taught, and will focus on preparing honors students to succeed in the important roles as professionals, voters, community leaders, and parents, by informing them about local history and the diverse cultures of Kansas City. Dr. Henrietta Rix Wood, an Honors Program Teaching Professor, will teach the class. For more information, see the “Course Descriptions” page.

For more information about the Honors Leader Program, contact Margo Gamache at gamachem@umkc.edu.