Honors Discussion Groups

Honors discussion groups are weekly discussion sessions offered in connection with certain specific courses at UMKC. In recent semesters, honors discussion groups have been offered in conjunction with courses in Accounting, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, French, Physics, Spanish, Management, Psychology, and Conservatory (Music, Dance, Theatre, Music Therapy).

  • You may sign up for an Honors Discussion Group during the first week of each semester.
  • Honors credit may be assigned retroactively in a course for which a student has successfully participated in a related discussion group.  The letter “H” (for Honors) will be added to the course number on a student’s transcript.
  • A course grade of B or higher is required for a student to receive honors credit, and you may receive honors credit only for courses taken at UMKC.
  • Leaders of the discussion groups are experienced students in the Honors Program who have good knowledge of the subject and are often majoring in the discipline.
  • The discussion group meeting times are arranged by the leader. Attendance will be taken at all group meetings, normally once per week.
  • Regular attendance and participation in the discussion group is required in order for a student to qualify for honors credit in the related course.

Participants will be asked to complete an electronic evaluation at the end of the semester. This evaluation enables students to provide candid feedback that may be used to improve future discussion sections and enhance student learning outcomes.

All Honors Discussion Groups will begin the second week of the semester.

Fall 2021 Honors Discussion Groups

Discussion Leader Section Day/Time
Tim Nguyen
Kim Tieu
Caden Wehner
Bio 108 Wednesday 6-6:50 pm
Friday 2-2:50 pm
Sunday 2-2:50 pm
via Zoom
Olivia Rippee Calculus I, II and Math 266 asynchronous online
Shefaa Allan Cell Bio (Bio 202) Monday 5-5:50 pm TBD
Anuhya Dayal
Ruth Vaccianna
Chem 115, 211, 212 Thursday 2-2:50 pm (Anuhya)
Tuesday 10-10:50 am (Ruth)
Asynchronous (both)
Toluwa Balogun Chem 321 and 322 Monday 3-3:50 pm 415 Cherry
Grace Horacek
Tess Martens
Conservatory courses (all) Every other Tuesday, 4:15-5:15 pm TBD
MaryBeth Reust
Hannah Pham
French Friday 12-12:50 pm TBD
Naomi Schaefer Management courses (all) Wednesday 9-9:50 am TBD
Gracyn Pietrusinski Philosophy 210 Monday 4-4:50 pm 415 Cherry
Morgan Tribley Physics 210/240 Thursday 11-11:50 am 415 Cherry
Jasleen Kaur
Sophie Woycheese
Psychology courses (all) Thursday 5-5:50 pm (Jasleen)
Tuesday 4-4:50 pm (Sophie)
415 Cherry

415 Cherry

Alex Omorodion
Morgan Rogers
School of Engineering (all Engineering and CS Courses) Wednesday 10-10:50 am TBD
Elizabeth Choate Spanish 110-211 Tuesday 4-4:50 pm TBD
Stephanie Norris Spanish 221+ Thursday 4-4:50 pm TBD