Honors Credit

How to Earn Honors Credits

The Honors College offers many opportunities for students to earn honors course credits.

  • Take honors courses and receive a course grade of B or higher. Many of your General Education core requirements can be fulfilled by taking honors courses.
  • Complete an individual honors contract in any course to receive honors credit for that course.
  • Participate in an honors discussion group – available for honors students enrolled in accounting, biology, chemistry, French, German and Spanish courses.
  • Complete a Study Abroad Program. Every summer, the Honors College offers a one-month study abroad program in Ireland, Scotland, or Sweden. In addition, many academic departments at UMKC offer excellent study abroad programs. Two-thirds of the academic credits earned in a non-honors study abroad program may be counted in fulfillment of the 27 hours of coursework needed to earn the University Honors distinction. Honors College study abroad programs are counted as regular honors credits and do not fall under the two-thirds rule.
  • Enroll in a Beyond the Classroom Experience, which could be an internship, a study abroad program, undergraduate research or a community engagement project. Up to six credits earned in Beyond the Classroom Experiences may be counted toward the University Honors distinction.
  • Enroll in Graduate Courses. Up to six credits of graduate-level coursework may be counted toward the University Honors distinction. An undergraduate student can enroll in a graduate-level course by submitting a special permission form.
  • Complete a Senior Honors Thesis or Project.