Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

  • Graduate with University Honors: 27 total credit hours required
  • Graduate as an Honors Scholar: 33 total credit hours required
  • Students must maintain a 3.2 GPA to remain in good standing in the Honors College.

University Honors Requirements

First-year students must complete 27 hours of honors coursework to earn the University Honors distinction. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.2 is required to graduate with University Honors. Students can earn honors credits through:

The following honors courses and credit-hour totals are merely suggestions.

  1. Freshman Year (15 credit hours)
    Recommended: Honors Anchor 1 and 2, Honors Discourse 100 and 200, Honors Focus A, Honors Focus C
  2. Sophomore Year (12 credit hours)
    Recommended: Honors Anchor 3, Honors Discourse 300, Honors Focus B
  3. Junior and Senior Years (variable credit as needed)
    Recommended: Students may enroll in a Beyond the Classroom Experience, which could be an internship, a study abroad program, undergraduate research or a community engagement project.

Honors Scholar Requirements

To graduate as an Honors Scholar, students must complete a six-credit Senior Honors Thesis or Project in addition to the requirements noted above. In all cases, the Honors Scholar distinction will require an additional six credits of Honors Thesis or Project coursework beyond the University Honors requirements.

Students who complete the Honors College Requirements and the Senior Honors Thesis will graduate not only with University Honors but also as an Honors Scholar. Both notations will appear on the student’s transcript and on the diploma.

Graduation Requirements for Transfer Students and Currently Enrolled Students

Currently enrolled UMKC students will need 27 hours of honors credit to earn the University Honors distinction.

Transfer students who enter the Honors College with more than 50 hours of transfer credit, will need 21 hours of honors credit, to earn the University Honors distinction.

Transfer students may count up to 9 transfer honors credit hours toward the total hours required for graduation with University Honors.

Further information about the Honors College Graduation Requirements is available here, along with answers to frequentlyy asked questions.

Students who entered the Honors College before January 2016 may elect to complete the old Honors College graduation requirements; click here for details.