Faculty Resources

Honors Faculty Fellows

The Honors College offers many opportunities for UMKC faculty members to become engaged in honors education.

Honors Faculty Fellows are selected from tenure-track and tenured UMKC faculty members. Fellows work closely with the director of the Honors College and Honors College students. Normally, fellowships are for two years, and the stipend for this position is $3,000 per year. During your fellowship you will:

  • Advise those honors students in your department or unit;
  • Participate in honors events each semester (often held at the Honors Living/Learning Community at Oak Street Hall);
  • Oversee one larger project, to be decided upon in conjunction with the honors students and the Director. Examples could include: overseeing the Honors Community Service Partnership; heading up the Honors Student Advisory Committee; advising the Lucerna editorial board; or pursuing a project of your own design.

Faculty Fellows also have the option of teaching one of their regular courses as an honors-only section.

For more information, contact Professor Gayle Levy, Honors College director, levyg@umkc.edu.