Honors Program Advising

Students in the UMKC Honors Program have access to a full-time academic advisor who is dedicated to your academic success and professional development.

  • Academic Advisor – Margo Gamache, gamachem@umkc.edu
  • Margo’s office is located in Cherry Hall room 426.

Margo is available to discuss honors requirements, majors and careers, graduate school readiness, involvement and leadership opportunities, academic and personal success and much more!

Advising Information for Currently Enrolled Students

Other on-campus resources and services for currently enrolled students are also available:

  • Counseling Services offers individual counseling, group programs, and more. You can check symptoms and get the help you need
  • Career Services is available to help you find internships and post-college positions. Be sure to attend the upcoming career fairs. They can also help you get your resume in order, practice interviews and more. There are always events going on to help you find a promising position.
  • Academic Support and Mentoring offers tutoring and instruction a wide variety of subjects.