Honors Ambassadors

The Honors Ambassador Program is a new initiative for the Honors College being led by Breana Boger, our Academic Advisor. The program provides current Honors College students the opportunity to develop leadership skills through recruiting, advising and mentoring honors students.  The Honors Ambassadors are actively involved and committed Honors College students who work closely with our faculty and staff to promote the Honors College to prospective and current students as well as the university community. The Ambassadors also serve as peer advisors and mentors to current honors students by being accessible during scheduled office hours in various locations on campus to answer questions and support their fellow peers academically, professionally, personally, and socially. 


The Honors Ambassadors are also available through email at hcambassadors@umkc.edu or at 816-235-6187. Please feel free to reach out to them in person, via phone or via email with any questions you may have about being a student at UMKC, the Honors College, extracurricular involvement, and more.

For each individual Ambassador and their bio, as well as office hours, please visit the Honors Ambassadors Bios page. See general office hour flier below.

Honors Ambassadors Spring 2018 Office Hours